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It appeared to sample a number of college collections from different rappers within the region and outside the region.

NEED HELP! Writing a compare/contrast essay on WEST COAST RAP vs EAST COAST. OPINONS!

The music genre received myriad influences from the East Coast music, Prince, and many other hip-hop music genres in the country.

The death of both rappers were similar but different from one another. For instance, rappers from this section of the country opted to participate in hip-hop that involved how living was characterized in this region. The early hip-hop musicians like Dr.

Yea i skimmed thru it all. Yet throughout their careers the similarities of the rappers was visible and the distinctiveness caused a barrier in their friendship. Bam was spreading the word but at the same time the nation was called upon to get involved with beef, see the tribe fight back in the day.

Meanwhile, Tupac delivered over 15 singles, and not as many reaching high spots as Biggie had with only 10 singles. West coast rappers essay in mind this is mostly my opinions. Some of groups, like that of the Rappers Rapp Group, engaged in collaborated and more scene music in the region.

He made a debut album called lllmatic that was released in Thats when Bam, the leader of the black spades which turned into the Zulu Nation sat down with Herc and Flash and said this thing can become a positve.

And West coast rappers essay if you wanna read my essay when i get done with it imma email it to you so jus drop ya email somewhere in this thread. For instance, one of the hip-hop musicians who engaged in the West Coast music was Tupac. Popping started in the West. East coast west coast Hip Hop and Rap Rivalry Hip-hop music rivalries have been in existence since the establishment of the music in the United States of America.

His production rose to a higher level even when he had been killed, like the album on "life after death" that was released sixteen days after his death. Dancing was taking steps to Bboying, it was just the evolution, no single reason why it happened it just did.

West Coast Rappers Essay

In Brooklyn, during the funeral of the Notorious B. Sincehe has released several musical albums sold profitably. Undoubtedly the two are compared to see which was better, personally cannot judge which was better because of the differences they had on their music, biggie flowed, but tupac spoke.

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The rhythm that was utilized originated from the old school hip-hop. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Philly emcees aint like noone and boston emcees only liked boston emcees. He is one of the principal figures who escalated the feud that existed between the East Coast and the West Coast in the 90s.

InNasir engaged in Den Jam where he managed to number of releases like that involving Damian Marley, a reggae musician. As you can see i believe crack had a major impact on Hiphop. The major characteristics with while on his drive to Los Angeles were that of storytelling, dark-semi autobiographies lyrics, and loose-easy-flowing music.

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He was the central figure in the East Coast during the s. In tohe got involved in a publicized feud. Tupac Shakur Tupac Shakur was an American hip-hop musician and song producer. Another sign of respect to the artist is that their music goes on, even after being gone, unreleased music of both rappers rises to the public every now and then to remember the days the rappers held the crown.

East Coast vs. West Coast Essay

He featured in one of the musical genres called Main Source track. Pac and big got into personal beef, not a hiphop battle. The music originated from the westernmost region of the city. Starting out as a member of the highly successful and controversial group NWA, Ice Cube was soon able to launch his own solo recording career.

His success in the music industry soon spilled over into the movie industry as Ice Cube found himself starring in small roles at first and eventually directing his own movies. They were thrown for fun and rent parties to help somone pay for rent. In most cases, the lyrics and message sin the musical genres contained connotations of enmity, peace, love, and gangster life.

Graffiti just started to spring up. Many production houses produced numerous categories of hip-hop music from the region. In most cases, hip-hop happened to be the new genre of music.East Coast vs West Coast Rap essaysThe s was the decade when hip hop began to really take off and gain popularity throughout the United States.

Hip hop music, which really started to develop during the s in New York City, began filling the streets and subways, and taking over clubs througho. Saying "east coast rappers are better than west coast" is like debating whether Apple is better than Android, or Xbox is better than Playstation.

It does nothing to further the progress of rap and rap culture and in fact does more harm than good. Extends the second West Coast story with an East Coast extension and, in a paragraph, explains what the story is.

(10 points) Describes, in a paragraph, the additive comprehension of the East Coast extension of the second West Coast component.

Known as one of the originators of gangsta rap, Ice Cube has quickly become one of the most visible and well-known of the West Coast Rappers. Named O’shea Jackson upon his birth in South Central Los Angeles on June 15,Ice Cube, as he is more popularly known, has gone on to become one of the most influential, controversial and successful rap artists in the world today.

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East Coast rappers made revenge at West Coast rappers and the war has continue until one day, there was voices saying the other coast had gone too far. Nonetheless, West Coast rapper Tupac Shakur had a personal feud with the East Coast rapper The Notorious B.I.G.

The Golden era of east coast hip-hop This piece will demonstrate an understanding of the golden era of East coast hip-hop, from tofocusing and analysing the historical roots, influences and inspirational individuals, giving reference to musical examples that shaped East coast hip-hop.

West coast rappers essay
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