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It should normally be contained in the opening paragraph of your essay, but not later than the second paragraph. Here was a man whose chi said nay despite his own affirmation" Chapter With all its deep roots in tribal heritage, the community hardly takes a stand against the intruders — against new laws as well as new religion.

You may extend the focus of your essay to discuss the effects of Imperialism on the Ibo society as a whole and mention its influence on individuals. This will guide your writing and give the reader a clear idea what the subject of your essay is. Writing as an African who had been "Europeanized," Achebe wrote Things Fall Apart as "an act of atonement with [his] past, the ritual return and homage of a prodigal son.

What accounts for this lack of community opposition? You must state exactly what direction your essay will take and state your position. In addition to the three themes discussed in this essay, the thoughtful reader will probably Things fall apart thesis essay able to identify other themes in the novel: This theme is also played at the individual and societal levels.

At his worst, Okonkwo feels that his chi has let him down: Whatever the reason — perhaps a combination of these reasons — the British culture and its code of behavior, ambitious for its goals of native "enlightenment" as well as of British self-enrichment, begin to encroach upon the existing Igbo culture and its corresponding code of behavior.

Although Okonkwo is generally misogynistic, his favorite child is his daughter Ezinma. For this essay, do a character analysis of Okonkwo and map the ways he is a tragic character. Is my thesis statement clear? The reader must know that the ideas expressed are your own.

Two other characters contrast with Okonkwo in this regard: The theme — often several themes — guides the author by controlling where the story goes, what the characters do, what mood is portrayed, what style evolves, and what emotional effects the story will create in the reader.

Whatever choice you make, you should centralize focus the content of your piece in your thesis statement and also suggest your sentiment on the topic. You may consider either the positive or negative outcomes, or focus on both. Once you have decided, you may then consider writing a rough draft and assess your effort by answering the following questions: For this essay, you will want to find examples of differences in opinion on supernatural matters and how this tears the community apart.

He values Ezinma not because she exhibits desirable masculine traits but because of their tacit bond of sympathy and understanding.

Not only does the thesis statement state your ideas in one or two sentences, but it also exposes the topic of your essay and your position thereon.

Destiny Related to the theme of cultural clash is the issue of how much the flexibility or the rigidity of the characters and by implication, of the British and Igbo contribute to their destiny.

You should first consider what a thesis statement is. Whereas Okonkwo is an unyielding man of action, the other two are more open and adaptable men of thought.

Is my thesis statement original? One example of her sensitivity to his needs is her comforting of him after he has killed Ikemefuna.

Also consider the differences between even like-minded men such as Mr.

What would be a good thesis statement for Things Fall Apart?

For instance, the idea that a child should be murdered or that the spirits of the dead must be appeased can have grave consequences for some characters.

One of the reasons why this is a tragedy and can be related to so many other tragic works is because the main character, Okonkwo, fits the classic example of a tragic hero.

The lack of a clear, sustaining center of authority in Igbo society may be the quality that decided Achebe to draw his title from the Yeats poem, "The Second Coming.

Like Brown, Obierika is also a reasonable and thinking person. The answer to this question depends on the length of your essay.

The repetition of the number seven—symbolically important to both religions—is another way of highlighting the similarities between the two cultures. This quality encourages individual initiative toward recognition and achievement but also limits timely decision-making and the authority-backed actions needed on short notice to maintain its integrity and welfare.

When the account of how the colonizers have imposed themselves upon Umuofia concludes, the commissioner contemplates the account, leaving little doubt that he will now proceed to impose European values on his version of the account.

Furthermore, this essay might also want to integrate how these customs changed after the whites and colonialism came. It should tell your reader what Once you are satisfied with your responses to these questions, you may create a final draft.

Is my statement specific?Get an answer for 'What would be a good thesis statement for Things Fall Apart?' and find homework help for other Things Fall Apart questions at eNotes what the subject of your essay is. Is my. Thesis Statement. argumentative. compare and contrast.

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Things Fall Apart

What It Is Like to Live in an African Society in Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart" Analysis of Things Fall Apart, a Post-Colonial Novel by. I. Thesis Statement: Things Fall Apart recreates the conflict between European and Igbo cultures at the turn of the twentieth century by focusing on the cataclysmic changes introduced by the.

Get ready to write your paper on Things Fall Apart with our suggested essay topics, sample essays, and more. How to Write Literary Analysis Suggested Essay Topics. Things Fall Apart Masculinity English Literature Essay.

Print Reference this In Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart the main character Okonkwo’s life is based upon the believe of male masculinity and hard work. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then.

Full Glossary for Things Fall Apart; Essay Questions; Cite this Literature Note; Critical Essays Major Themes in Things Fall Apart. Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List. Introduction. For many writers, the theme of a novel is the driving force of the book during its creation.

Even if the author doesn't consciously identify an intended.

Things fall apart thesis essay
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