The palestinian mass uprising essay

During the war, Israel occupied the remaining territory of Palestine, which was until then under Jordanian and Egyptian control the West Bank and Gaza Strip including the remaining part of Jerusalen1, which was subsequently annexed by Israel.

There has been increasing alarm at acts of violence against civilians, the position and actions of the Government of Israel with regard to Jerusalem, the expansion of settlements, land confiscation and punitive collective measures which were seriously undermining the peace process due to violence taking place in the region.

The assessment that the unrest would collapse proved to be mistaken. By 12 December, six Palestinians had died and 30 had been injured in the violence.

The PLO and its chairman Yassir Arafat had also decided on an unarmed strategy, in the expectation that negotiations at that time would lead to an agreement with Israel.

Violence simmered as a schoolboy from Khan Yunis was shot dead by Israelis soldiers pursuing him in a Jeep.

The involvement of the United Nations has been essential to the peace process, both as the guardian of international legitimacy and in the mobilization and provision of international assistance. This has caused tension in the region with states not sure whether to intervene or not.

Israel also occupied the larger part of Jerusalem. People cannot go about their businesses as usual with the current uprising. A Peace Conference on the Middle East was convened in Madrid on 30 October with the aim of achieving a lasting and comprehensive peace settlement through direct negotiations along 2 tracks: For instance, bombing of Israel tourists in a bus in Bulgaria has affected the relations between Israel with Palestinian and Iran.

Additionally, Israeli confiscation of Palestinian land, high birth rates in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the limited allocation of land for new building and agriculture created conditions marked by growing population density and rising unemployment, even for those with university degrees.

Experts note that if the uprising continues, it will affect the global oil markets. The Israeli security forces used the full panoply of crowd control measures to try and quell the disturbances: The Palestine problem took birth with the disintegration of the Turkish Ottoman Empire after the world war-I.

In subsequent resolutions, including andthe Security Council demanded Israel cease deportations of Palestinians.

Trees were uprooted on Palestinians farms, and agricultural produce blocked from being sold.

Palestinians were recruited mainly to do unskilled or semi-skilled labor jobs Israelis did not want. Great Britain used various formulas to bring independence to the land ravaged by violence. She would later become known as the first martyr of the intifada.

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On 7 November, the US vetoed a third draft resolution, condemning alleged Israeli violations of human rights [83] On 14 OctoberIsrael openly declared that it would not abide Security Council Resolution because it did not pay attention to attacks on Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall.

Rumours swept the camp that the incident was an act of intentional retaliation for the stabbing to death of an Israeli businessman, killed while shopping in Gaza two days earlier.

Militants that are running the streets are difficult to control. InGreat Britain handed over the problem over to the United Nations. The Middle East is a source of oil that is sold in different parts of the world.

There was unprecedented international coverage, and the Israeli response was criticized in media outlets and international fora.The Palestinian uprising against the occupation started and lasted for six year until For example, if an article were written on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the keyword that article was hoping to subliminally infiltrate into the reader were “suicide,” then “suicide” would have to appear 16 times in words of text.

The First Intifada or First Palestinian Intifada (also known simply as the intifada or intifadah) was a Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

First Intifada

The uprising lasted from December until the Madrid Conference inthough some date its conclusion towith the signing of the Oslo Accords. Mass Upsurge, started with the student unrest of against the tyrannical rule of ayub khan, President of Pakistan.

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The movement soon engulfed the whole of the then East Pakistan peasants, artisans, workers joined the movement almost en masse. In Decembera mass uprising against the Israeli occupation began in the occupied Palestinian territory. Methods used by the Israeli forces during the uprising resulted in mass injuries and heavy loss of life among the civilian Palestinian population.

At the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a dispute over land, borders and religion; a part of the Israeli-Arab conflict. The geography of the conflict revolves around the three territorial units of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, defined by armistice lines drawn after a war in the region in

The palestinian mass uprising essay
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