The impact of unethical practices

Examples of Unethical Behavior

This paper will therefore examine unethical practices in organisations and management strategies adopted to curb corrupt practices. Consistently monitor employee performance. The introduction of codes of practice; 4. New literature on Ethics springing up in business schools; All these were set in an atmosphere of serious ecological concern Gray, Effort was made by the research to ensure that the research was carried out under conditions that led to scientifically valid conclusion despite the financial problem.

Unethical behaviour could be a range of things — using company property for personal gains, dishonesty in financial dealings, accepting and giving bribes and possibly the worst — insider trading. Stealing money from the petty cash drawer at work.

Persons and companies found guilty of such practices would then be scrutinized and publicly shamed. The disciplinary actions of these offenses show the seriousness in which academic dishonesty is unethical and highly frowned upon; it leaves one to wonder if such unethical practices will carry over into the workforce.

Businesses in Nigeria are founded on wrong principles that are devoid of strong ethical anchor. Cheating on a school paper by copying it off the Internet. The errant employees too would end up losing their job and find it difficult to gain employment elsewhere.

During that period with effective enforcement of sanctions against economic and social offenders, people were fearful of breaking laws, rules, regulations, etc.

The honest employees then either look for alternative employment or if they are unable to find another suitable opportunity often end up with high stress and health related problems — thereby affecting the overall productivity of the company.

Engaging in price fixing to force smaller competitors out of business. This should be championed by individual organizations, governments and its agencies, churches and mosques. You may hear the terms "developed nations" and "developing nations" mentioned in relation to computers and Internet technologies; IT professionals are helping major industrial countries maintain a standard of living and manage growth, while emerging economies are using information technology to lift citizens out of poverty.

Top risks and costs of unethical behavior in business conduct

In government ministries and parastatals, there are cases of misconduct in employee selection, motivation, training, promotion, and transfer, and even in the administration of other fringe benefits.

It is worthy to note that professional bodies e. This is so because all managers perform the same type of functions. Three broad approaches are equally suggested in this study, namely: Unethical advertising practice has no effect. The attitude one has toward dishonesty while achieving academic goals can also be reflected in the way one conducts business.

If medical databases are compromised, vital medical data may virtually disappear, adversely affecting the delivery of patient care. Customers are more demanding, smart and know exactly how to get what they want.

Zeiger completed creative writing course work at Miami University and holds a B. A quick scan of the business environment reveals that unethical business conduct has risen to the point where trust in our businesses and institutions, as well as the very systems that make our society work, are in a position of significant risk.

For instance, some dubious traders in Ogbette market Enugu cheat their customers by using faulty scales in measuring rice, beans and other consumable food items. Their only aim is to gain profits through whatever means possible.

Media do not involve in promoting illegal advertising.

What Negative Impact Does Unethical Behavior Have in Information Technology?

The average Nigerian business sees business and ethics as oxymoron. The result would be that they would stop doing business with the company and leave the employment respectively. The honest, considerate, truthful respectable, accountable etc, African personality should be appropriate to borrow from the Japanese experience in a number of ways.

Does advertising lack professional application? Second is the market option doing nothing. There are two types of hypotheses, the Null hypothesis that takes the negative form and the Directional or Alternative hypothesis that takes the positive form.Reviewing the examples of unethical behavior in this article can help clarify whether a certain behavior is right or proper.

Unethical behavior is an action that falls outside of what is considered morally right or proper for a person, a profession or an industry. This chapter basically examines the contributions of some experts, practitioners and scholars toward the impact of unethical business practices and the promotion of ethical practices as a demand that must be met in order to have a cordial interlink between the manufacturers and the.

PDF | Accounting is regarded as one of the profession which monitors and controls the financial information within an organization. The great organizational debacles and collapses during the last. Unethical practices within a business can have a very negative impact on a company.

Employees with lax attitudes concerning such behavior can be problematic for their employer. There are rules and guidelines in place to govern against unethical behavior and if found guilty of breaking those rules, one may incur consequences that include fines. the impact of unethical business practices on the nigeria manufacturing sector ((a case study of wood work furniture, abuja).

Top risks and costs of unethical behavior in business conduct May 13, at AM One does not have to look very far in today’s world to see numerous examples of an absolute erosion of ethics and basic core values and guiding principles of what is right and what is .

The impact of unethical practices
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