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The company believes that beauty is born from the feeling good. Ulta can develop a life-long learning program for their staff. The analysis of financial statements Ulta shows that Ulta reached sharp growth in income for the last two years.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest are the good channels for ongoing offers, discounts and trade-offs for customers. Therefore, when a customer chooses a place to buy upper-class perfume, like Aqua di Parma, or brands like Chanel, Benefit of Nars, he goes to Sephora where the knowledgeable personnel will give wise advice.

The company also supports the donations to local partners who fund the support, prevention, and protection of abused women and children. Therefore, when it comes to mass group, Sephora final essay is successful.

Ulta tries to win prestigious customers of Sephora. Through years of successful experience, Sephora earned a reputation of classic premium-quality shop that sells prestigious brands. This will improve their service. The Body Shop and Ulta are also using market development strategy.

The most probably, Ulta will offer more of luxury brands in the near future and improve their service. This means that a company pays much attention to its online presence as internet and IT technologies have become an integral part of people lives. Besides, they cater the women who are time-constrained and want to buy a number of various products for their beauty at one place.

Being originally established as a beauty discount retailer, Ulta cannot apply for winning the prestigious niche of Sephora. However, the competition from Ulta in the USAMarriounaud and Douglas in Europe and other beauty retailers different regions have distinct competitors may become tougher and call for actions that are more sophisticated.

The Body Shop is expanding at a fast pace; nevertheless, they are not going to change their strategy. The company has created a solid intangible goodwill that plays a pivotal role in winning the loyalty of health and nature-conscious customers. The Body Shop is an active member of various Human Rights Defending movements, specifically the movements to improve the human rights of workers and indigenous people in Latin America.

The North American headquarter is located in San Francisco, whereas the main office of the company is located in Paris, France. The former analysis will help to evaluate its current position and future prospective at the market.

Of course, many customers are attracted by sales, free samples and value kits. They are classic, prestigious and innovative at the same time.

Probably, this could return some part of customers to their service. In addition, the company has its own charitable foundation that assists the NGOs in the sphere of human and civil rights, environmental and animal protection. While some people may count this as coincidence, it is crucial to understand that because of the diversified multi-brand atmosphere, it is extremely difficult to guarantee that every product is in place.

For instance, Sephora launched new types of distribution channels — internet and Appstore. Offering new brands, products and services Improving the existing loyalty program for customers Using more sophisticated marketing strategies and promotional campaigns to attract more customers Expanding online services Improving the operating margins Current Strategy ULta is building its competitive strategy on winning the customer by intensive presence and one-stop-shopping concept.

They want to penetrate to Asian, Pacific and Eastern Europe markets. This innovation will help customers to make the right choice by accessing their personal pages and viewing the items they have bought before. Here, both Sephora and Ulta are rather successful in attracting the customers.

The company plans to expand both the service quality and the range of product lines. The company even worked out their own environmental protection plan that has to be performed till The study of competitors is an essential part of business planning for any company.View Essay - Sephora V.S.

Ulta from WRITING at University of Maryland, University College.

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Running Head: Sephora vs Ulta 1 Sephora vs Ulta Erika R. Lee University of Maryland University. Find Study Resources. Main Menu; Writing Assignment 1 Autobiographical Narrative Essay Final University of Maryland, University College %(1). This sample paper on (Sample Essay Paper on Sephora) was uploaded by one our contributors and does not necessarily reflect how our professionals write our papers.

Free Essay: Sephora Direct 1. Assuming she receives the additional funding, how should Bornstein allocate her budget across the various digital categories?.

The final part of the paper is a summary of the entire analysis, the recommendations for improving the strategic management and competitive position of Sephora. The History and Analysis of Sephora The first Sephora shop was opened in France by Dominique Mandonnaud in 1.

Assuming she receives the additional funding, how should Bornstein allocate her budget across the various digital categories? Given that the additional funding requested must be shifted from Sephora’s other marketing spending, where would you propose to cut?

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Sephora final essay
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