Scarface conclusion

However, as they are cleaning out the money, Seidelbaum reveals himself to be an undercover cop and arrests Tony. The meeting does not go smoothly, as Tony grows irritated with Hector, who is slow to give him the cocaine in exchange for money.

A Sosa assassin hiding on the balcony, thinking Gina is shooting at him, leaps in and riddles her with bullets.

Believing that Tony is trustworthy, Sosa agrees to bring Tony on board with him as his North American distributor of cocaine and other drugs. Hector escapes but Tony vengefully confronts him in the street and shoots him dead in the middle of the crowded Ocean Drive the now famous Miami South Beach boulevard.

The director correlates this advancement in status to the new American tradition of finding any way possible to get where you want in life. Scarface is a story about Tony Montana and his rise and fall living the American dream. That gun took a beating from all the blanks it had to fire, so much so that Pacino ended up burning his hand on its barrel.

Scarface is a gangster movie in which the main character Tony Montana tries to reach his dream of overwhelming power and wealth. On the surface layer, the movie intittled "Scarface" might seem like just a gruesom tale about the life of a drug dealing immagrant.

However, the strung-out Tony yells that he would rather die than spend a single day in jail. The director Brian De Palma like Fitzgerald shows that people seeking the American Dream will not attain happiness because of the unworthiness of its object and the means used to get to realize it.

They seem to negotiate a deal that, on the surface seems favorable to both sides, with Sosa overseeing the transportation to Panama and to let Tony and the Lopez cartel take over from there, but Omar insists that Frank would not approve. Tony leaves shrugging with indifference and strikes out on his own.

De Palma makes a statement about the facade of organized crime, and the farce of the American Dream by using Tony as a prime example of someone trying to achieve the American Dream. It is more than just coincidence--when it is played in the beginning of the movie, it is during the time of Mariel Bay, and hope is everywhere for criminals.

I moved out of L. He has to have it all, no matter what—or who—it costs him. After Frank puts a hit out on Tony, he kills his assailants, and then proceeds to kill Frank and take over his business and girlfriend.

In order to heighten the severity of the gunfire, De Palma and the special effects coordinators created a mechanism to synchronize the gunfire with the open shutter on the movie camera to show the huge muzzle flash coming from the guns in the final shootout.Dec 09,  · The interesting thing is the way Tony Montana stays in the memory, taking on the dimensions of a real, tortured person.

Most thrillers use interchangeable characters, and most gangster movies are more interested in action than personality, but "Scarface" is one of those special movies, like "The Godfather," that is willing to take a flawed, evil man and allow him to be human.4/4.

Film Analysis of Scarface the Movie

Brian De Palma's new version of Scarface suggests and strongly pushes the fact that what goes up must always come down. Cubans make up about % of the Hispanic population with the greatest growth of them in the early eighties when Scarface took place.

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In conclusion, Scarface ties into Sociology many ways. Word Count: /5(3).

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In the film's very bloody conclusion, Montana famously asks the. Sep 28,  · "Scarface" is an example of Brian De Palma in overdrive mode. Like Tony Montana, he isn't interested in small gestures and subtle emotions. His best films are expansive, passionate, stylized and cheerfully excessive, and yet he has never caved in to the demand for routine action thrillers.4/4.

The American Dream in the Film Scarface The film Scarface can be directly compared to the myth of the American Dream. The contemporary perception of the American Dream is one monetary gains and Home / Art and Music / Film Analysis of Scarface the Movie.

Scarface conclusion
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