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However if they are successful the men and Robin will receive amnesty from their actions. Recruits specializing in management also need to be heavily recruited. He did not put enough thought into curbing the number of people being recruited.

This problem, of too much growth, lead to a problem with the diligence of the men and their work ethic. He is also having problems with discipline within in the band. They are leading a revolt against sheriff that started out as a personal vendetta but grew into something more. If the latter point is the mission statement, then posing transit tax will provide a steady provision of funds to the needy.

For the implementation of the Recommendations, Robin must utilize his leadership team. After the sheriff is dead there would be another person there to take his place that would continue to the same thing.

Robin Hood is definitely in need of a new strategy in response to what is happening. Although the vision and mission are on target, several changes need to be made to the objectives and the strategy to accomplish those objectives. The conflict is Robin hood case strategic essay as is the resources that he has and he needs to make appropriate adjustment.

Since the rich people are no longer passing through the forest, Robin Hood is simply going to have to find a different way to take their money. Robin should take this opportunity.

Robin Hood Case

Little John should have harsher discipline rules as well as chores that will keep the men busy and will also help them to stay on alert to the surroundings.

Threats Sheriff is growing much stronger and becoming better organized Sheriff has political connections and powerful friends and he was well regarded by the regent, Prince John Policy Revisions The policy suggested by Robin Hood to impose tax on travelers will only be feasible under certain conditions.

Robin has been asked to join a conspiracy that will involve the rescue of King Richard from a jail in Austria. If he were to fight for freedom from the sheriff he may be able to find more supporters as well as a cause that would lead to a productive end.

Advantages -Fair Ruler back in place -Provides an end to the campaign Disadvantages -Prince John could find out and retribution would be fierce. Moreover, the capacity to fund the increasing number of people became very scarce.

This would make it hard for him to enforce rules and regulations using his old ways because vigilance was not present with the new recruits. His present strategy is not working. The game was running out so they were forced to purchase food at a great expense to them. What issues need to be addressed?

Much will be in charge of rationing food and making sure that he sticks to the budget that is set before him. People have start avoiding the forest, despite the added cost, for fear of being robbed.

The funds obtained from the outright confiscation of the rich were no longer accommodating the increasing number of the people in the band. If this plan fails, the consequences are very grave.

Robin Hood Case – Strategic Essay Sample

This would for force the travelers back to the main path. More essays like this: Robin Hood should also try and keep a lower profile so Prince John will not find out he has joined forces with the Barons to free King Richard.

They could develop a list of criteria the potential candidates would have to meet in order to join the group. Steps need to be taken to keep up with the changes. There are several issues Robin Hood needs to consider. Robin needs to reposition his whole campaign.

A formal structure needed to be enforced and a chain of executive party needed to be established so as to monitor the increased number of people in the organization. This way instead of using all the money the collect with their expanded area, to sustain them they can start put some of the money the collect into the coffer to get King Richard out of jail.

With a larger group of Merrymen to feed, and the rich avoiding the forest Robin Hood must adapt to his changing environment are he will ultimately fail in his goal to rid Nottingham of the Sheriff.

While this would satisfy Robin personally, this would not provide a true solution to what the Merrymen seek. Do they need a new mission? The dilemma occurred when the increasing number of men had made the band a corporation. Robin must understand that although his original plan of taking from the rich to give to the poor had honorable intentions, the situation has grown and so has the opponent.

Robin Hood must consider whether to change their policy of outright confiscation of goods and institute a fixed transit tax shift to a new business purpose McNamara, Basic Context for Organizational Change, There are several different options the Robin must consider.Robin Hood Case (Essay) What Should Robin Hood Do?

There are several issues Robin Hood needs to consider. First, Strategic Analysis of Technology Projects Robin Hood Case Study Garrett Gjerstad Summer Robin Hood Case Study In this first case study.

Robin Hood Case Final Report. Shangri La Hotel Ltd Case Study-Report2. Robin Hood Case Study. Have a meeting with the Merry Men and explain fully the strategic dilemma that the organization finds itself Documents Similar To Case 1- Robin Hood.

1. 5/5(3). Robin Hood. A Case Study Misti Walker 5/9/ each Merryman shall produce enough loot each day to pay for his own food. 3. What strategic options does Robin Hood have?

Is continuing with the present strategy an option or is the present strategy obsolete? Documents Similar To Robin Hood Case Study. Skip carousel.

carousel previous 3/5(5). This is the case analysis for the Robin Hood case study provided by the text. It includes our competitive forces in the industry analysis, key success factors analysis, current strategy determination, SWOT. Robin Hood should also try and keep a lower profile so Prince John will not find out he has joined forces with the Barons to free King Richard.

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Robin hood case strategic essay
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