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That extra deferral keeps them under the income limits for contributing to a Roth IRA, so they both do that as well.

We review all of their current holdings, then reallocate the entire portfolio in an integrated fashion, choosing from the current k options. As you can see from this example, there are many factors to consider when it comes to retirement.

There is a tradeoff between risk and return, and higher-returning investments come with more risk and a greater likelihood of short-term declines. Important Legal Information All financial decisions and investments involve risk, including possible loss of principal.

While this example is purely fictional, the challenges are very real, as are the figures presented and assumptions based on the current Social Security program. Our strategies would include the following: John, 52, is in private practice, and his wife Nancy, 49, is an engineer with Ford.

When Mitch retires, so will Karen. Since interest rates have come down significantly since they first bought their home, we also counsel them to refinance their mortgage.

Sign up for the MarketMinder email newsletter. Paladin is the only SEC registered firm that vets, validates, and documents the quality of financial professionals and firms since Thanks to summer jobs and significant financial help from mom and dad, both children should be able to keep their student loans at manageable levels.

He and Karen will then be completely dependent on Social Security! Franklin Templeton Investments When thinking about how to convey the importance of retirement planning, rather than simply crunching the numbers or providing you with an elaborate presentation, I thought it might be worth offering a personal case study I think many individuals can relate to.

Overland Park, KS St. This really adds up over time. However, if both Mitch and Karen continue to work, their monthly benefit can increase. This will result in a larger benefit.

Beyond Retirement Planning: In Case of Emergency

Based on average k account balance for individuals in their 50s with 10—20 years of tenure. Unfortunately, it is not always possible.A good financial strategy not only includes retirement planning, it includes an emergency fund for right now.

Learn more here. The Retirement Planning Group is an independent wealth management firm with a select set of advisors Ryan Costello, CFP® Rob O’Blennis, JD Matthew Swatek, CRPC®.


Retirement Income Solutions, Inc. is the area’s first-choice resource for comprehensive investment management and retirement planning.

We are an independent financial advisor committed to upholding the highest level of integrity and putting our clients’ best interests first. Case 8 The Alpha Case- A RETIREMENT PLANNING MINI-CASE Case 8 The Alpha Case A RETIREMENT PLANNING MINI-CASE Alpha Corporation is considering its alternatives in relation to establishing a retirement plan for its.

Gail Buckner, CFP®, presents a case study of a fictional couple that represents the real challenges many people face in financing their retirement. Case Study Retirement Planning Based on Stochastic Financial Analysis Fiserv Helps Investment Professionals Improve Their Retirement Planning Practices.

Retirement planning case
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