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Essentially, Boone wants to have a winning team, but in his dilemma, winning is not just an ambition, but a demand of survival. This made Gary realize that he needed to be the leader, the captain of the team and equally treat everyone the same. The Titans were in fact undefeated, were in fact 2 in the country nationally, and they were state champions Merron.

It is confirmed by a former student interviewed that the football team did in fact help bring the community together Merron. Ryan Hurst Lewis Lastik: The team may not have been a unifying force to the extent portrayed by Disney, yet it still did play a role in the community and that is the important factor the movie intends to express.

It did not matter that Louie was a white student; he was a player on his team and wanted him to succeed. An emotional source of prejudice is frustration in relation to competition. Their success and dominance on the field began to influence the rest of the school and the community.

Though Boone is eventually successful as a coach, the townspeople disapprove of him because he replaces the popular, entrenched former coach, Bill Yoast Will Patton.

Gerry is a high school student who has formed many of his opinions and beliefs at this point in his life and prejudice against blacks is an obvious one. They were the only White players who got along with the other African American guys.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education case legitimized busing as a method to achieve desegregation. Coach Boone took everyone for a run through the forest to the grounds where the battle of Gettysburg was held.

Remember the Titans

Williams, there was a riot between the whites and blacks. He hates the fact that Boone will be taking over his promotion as coach and in no way in the world is Boone going to be successful and overcome the racial discrimination between the team.

Human Communication in Remember the Titans&nbspTerm Paper

Coach Boone decides to gather all the players to go on a trip to Gettysburg. One of the strongest most bitter competitions was in football. Myers defines Prejudice as "a negative prejudgment of a group and its individual members" Meyers, Application of the Principle: The other African American guys start singing together except for Lewis and Petey.

In a thematic statement "I was afraid, and all I saw in you was what I was afraid of", Gerry illustrates how far the control of fear of reach, to wash out those fears than that of a high school football team and players who, for the most part, mirror the fears and insecurities of their society.

Research has shown by holding our perception of our social identity high, we feel better and more superior to others Smith and Tyler, Accordingly, his impact on and off the field for the Titans football cannot be understated Sanders.

He emphasizes that the boys must works as a team, put all colors aside, and strive to win as a team. In the movie Remember the Titans, racial tensions between team members, friends, and even parents with their children are apparent on and off the field as the Titans, newly integrated, make their state championship run.

This becomes evident in the attitude of the Titans all-white American team when Boone arrived to become the new team coach.

The movie took a drastic change after the Gettysburg scene.- Movie Summary Paper: Clash of the Titans () The remake of Clash of the Titans was released to theaters on April 2, It made $, in gross. The film Remember the Titans, directed by Boaz Yakin influences the viewer to critique colonial ideologies as it evident throughout the film that African-Americans are being heavily discriminated against in the patriarchal society of Alexandria, Virginia.

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In Remember the Titans Gerry Bertier develops as a character into one of the heroes of the story (albeit a tragic hero).

His inner-character is portrayed as truly admirable, and his development is a microcosm of the emotional growth of the Alexandria community as a. Remember the Titans, was the movie I chose to write my final paper on.

I wanted to pick a film that I had never seen before and one that had a great message. I was told that Remember the Titans was a great film and I heard right.4/4(1). Eric Hood Movie Paper Assignment History Jason Tetzloff Remember The Titans The civil unrest that occurred during the ’s and ’s is hard to imagine.

For people that didn’t experience the civil rights movement, that time period is only known through movie and book images.

Remember the titans term paper
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