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From the establishment of the state untilover 12, Bene Israel emigrated to Israel.

Sanskrit scholar Esther Solomon, Amhedehad, India. In Israel, they have gone into science, medicine, law, psychology, education, social work, business, clerical work and hairdressing, and other fields. A Comprehensive Survey and Sourcebook.

Never having experienced antisemitism in India, Bene Israel the world over have fond memories of and a deep attachment to their native land. Originally called the Israelite School, the name was changed in the early s to the Elly Kadoorie School, in recognition of a large donation earmarked for the reconstruction and extension of the old school building by Sir Elly Kadoorie of Hong Kong.

An autobiographical account of growing up Jewish in Ahmedabad in the mid-twentieth century. Polygyny, practiced occasionally but never truly accepted by the community in the nineteenth century and early twentieth, has virtually disappeared. Israel Abrahams at Cambridge University. A novel about a Bene Israel family, some of whose members emigrated to Israel in the ls.

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Communal events are arranged by nearly 30 voluntary associations around the country; two associations are national and the rest serve local interests. They also had the option of remaining single and supporting themselves through their own careers before this became acceptable for middle-class Hindu women.

Dafni, Indian Jews in Israel Wilson, Lands of the Bible II The Bene Israel of Maharashtra in western India was the largest of the three Jewish communities of India, numbering about twenty thousand at its peak in the early s, though the majority have since emigrated to Israel.

רבקה ראובן

She also made significant contributions in the field of education in western India, serving on many government boards. In Israel the controversy arose between those who rejected the Bene Israel and those who regarded them as Jews in every respect. Not one of the rabbis outside India who returned a negative decision concerning the Bene Israel in previous generations had ever visited there or met representatives of the Bene Israel community in order to obtain knowledge of their customs or information directly from them.

In midth century, many Bene Israel moved from their villages into the rapidly developing new city of Bombay. The Bene Israel of Bombay: The first synagogue in Bombay celebrated its bicentenary in February The presence of Bene Israel strikers at the doors of the offices of the Jewish Agency became a regular feature of the s.Rebecca Reuben (), The Bene Israel of Bombay Reginald E.

Enthoven (), The Tribes and Castes of Bombay, 1, pp. 69–70 Schifra Strizower (), The Bene Israel of Bombay: a study of a Jewish community.

Huzurpaga is the oldest girls' high school in Pune, India. Contents. History Edit Bene Israel Students of Huzurpaga from early 20th century. The school was established by the Maharashtra Girls Education Society (MGE) Rebecca Reuben - ( - )- Bene Israel educationalist - Miss Reuben also taught at the school for three years.

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The original tradition, as related to Christian missionaries early in the 19 th century, is that the Bene Israel are the descendants of the survivors (seven men and seven women) of a shipwreck off the Konkan coast at Navgaon, about 26 miles south of Mumbai.

Rebecca Reuben, The Bene Israel of Bombay, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Cambridge Jewish Publications), Rebecca Reuben was born on 18th September in Shimoga, Mysore State. She was sent as a boarder to a school in Huzurpaga in Poona, then known as the High School for Native Girls.

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This School was popular with the Bene Israel people, maintaining a high academic standard and excellent teaching in Marathi, Sanskrit and English.

Rebecca reuben a pioneer bene
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