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Walsh, Recently, Newsweek declared that the recession is over, and optimism in the real estate sector appears to be growing. The Illinois Senator was successful at enlisting supporters who were largely made of the youth of America.

These actions on his part have illustrated the qualities of an effective leader. President-Elect Obama, I speak to you as one of many citizens with a grievance. There are multiple accounts from former Scientologists which elaborate tales of psychological and physical abuses.

President Obama Essay

Walsh, Doctors, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals and many other multi-billion dollar industries have a huge stake in how this issue is legislated. He then left to attend graduate school on a scholarship at Harvard Universitywhere he earned an M.

This said, some of us are finding that certain interventions can enable our children to have better health and developmental outcomes. Icomment on Dear President-Elect Obama, I envision a country where the health of our citizens trumps pharmacy and every one of us "pays-it-forward" through sharing what we know and can do to help others have better lives.

Although these interventions cannot stop the damage, we ARE mitigating the damage in a substantial population of children. Bush and Dick Cheneyamong others. Retrieved July 27th, from U.

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Please eliminate corrupt Government Agencies who look the other way, when it comes to the health of this nation. The stock market, which had cratered to around six thousand points in the Dow Jones industrial average after the banking crisis occurred, has stabilized in the mid-eight thousands.

Do not allow these criminal acts to be ignored in the name of political correctness or religious belief.

Presidency of Barack Obama

Deficit hawks on both sides of the political spectrum have been complaining about the huge cost of the budget and bailouts, while people on the left have been supportive of domestic economic improvement spending. For the majority of pharmaceutical products prescribed for and injected into this population no long-term safety studies have been performed.

Walsh, The money given to the auto companies was attached to conditions about how the money should be used. These interventions require clean free of pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics, and steroids food allergen-free, and often gluten- casein- and soy-free, as well clean water free of public works pharmaceuticals, chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicalsand therapists with advanced degrees.

The press has long been a watchdog, keeping special interest groups, corporations and federal governments in line by releasing information to the public.

We leave this matter in the able hands of our leaders, including you Mr. Their crimes and lies are as transparent as a pane of glass.

While the long-term results of his actions on the economy are unknown, the short-term indicators are promising. I am not objecting to their beliefs. Our "medicines" cause more problems than they cure, allowing the prescription of follow-on drug, after follow-on drug.

But institutional care for these children, for life, costs ten times more. Their practices, however, tell a different story. Shawn Lonsdale was targeted by Scientology members for producing a public access television show criticizing Scientology by publicizing his criminal record and suing him for vast amounts of money.

Please hear our voices, we are the many who are trying, desperately, to heal this generation of environmentally and chemically disabled children.

He went so far as appointing a task force to infiltrate the U. I run a tiny one-woman non-profit to help families improve their lives with Autism.

Please hear and lift up our concerns to the highest level of Government; fund programs to educate instead of warehousing our children, fund initiatives to help parents help parents and help parents help educate Government agencies, fund training for the doctors and therapists - guided by doctors and therapists who are succeeding in returning these children to their families, fund an initiative to clean up the water we drink and bathe in, encourage our nation to eat foods with natural ingredients, encourage the thoughtful practice of medicine including full disclosure of risks and benefits of all treatments, and the option to choose which medical interventions are appropriate for our familiesand, for those who are beyond repair, teach our nation that our children are not dis-abled, but simply differently abled.

Inshe got into a car accident, suffering mentally more than physically.

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I have observed, however, that not everyone shares this belief. These children are regaining developmentally lost years and finding their place in "typical" classrooms and peer groups.

We the People have spoken. We elected you because we know you are just that. However, the Obama administration showed effective leadership by creating the impression of active participation in the economy.

Bank, 94 C N. He has determined to put his own credibility on the line very early in his administration in order to resolve what he believes to be a high priority problem. Revoking their tax-exempt status would be the first step. I, along with thousands of concerned citizens the world over, feel that you can help lead the way in bringing the conspirators who lead Scientology to justice.

Hurst, As a demonstration of leadership, this issue allowed Obama to show his ability to be a leader.November 4, was an historic day for Americans, as they celebrated the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President. The election was the longest presidential campaign and the most expensive in history (Green & Roberts, ).

Free Essay: Barack Obama Barack Obama has impacted America in many ways since he was elected the 44th president on November 4th, The first African.

President Elect Obama Essay

A letter sent to President-Elect Obama, circarequesting action on behalf of the Nations' children. There was no reply. Read the essay free on Booksie.

Analysis of Obama's victory speech Obama's victory speech is a speech that the democrat Barack Obama held in his hometown Chicago, after being elected for president on November 4th, Chicago is where he in won his first presidential election. Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the United States of America was born in the State of Hawaii where he grew up.

His grandparents raised him up from a humble background. The presidency of Obama began on 20th January in the year after he was sworn in as the 44th president of United States of America.

Barack Obama elected as America’s first black president

When President Obama was elected, he came to office with a mandate to resolve a number of ongoing problems in the United States. The path of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a deepening economic crisis were major issues with which Obama was asked to contend.

President elect obama essay
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