Persuasive speech dark chocolate

To conclude, chocolate can be detrimental to your health by making you addicted and overweight which leads to deadly diseases like cancer. Out of all the chemical chocolates, dark chocolate is the healthiest out of all. There is a lot mixed feelings about chocolate and how it can help the body, but essentially dark chocolate is far better for you than milk chocolate.

Recent research along with buzz words like antioxidants and free-radicals have fueled the health industry to start pushing it more.

Well, the antitoxins in dark chocolate contain lots of good and healthy qualities such as improving your blood circulation and lowering your chances of getting high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, cell damage and heart disease in an older age.

Carl Keen, patients who consumed 25 grams of semi-sweet chocolate with an mg dose of aspirin showed an increase in blood flow and a lowering of blood pressure. And my sources are as follows: That is a lot of disease-fighters packed into that bar of chocolate.

And anyone who has seen the show Intervention knows how dangerous addiction can be. One study sponsored by foxnews. Which can be backed by similar studies sponsored by foxnews.

Foods that heal your body. That lasted for a long time and when I finally gave my speech I just stood there reading from a script like a robot. Increased blood flow means that we get more oxygen faster to more parts of our bodies. The flavanoids act as antioxidants which are thought to neutralize the artery-clogging plaque that leads to a heart attack.

I may not have wanted to any part of this class, but I am glad I did and I am even more glad that it is over with. And a part that needs plenty of oxygen to function properly is the brain. I stood there sniffling, coughing, and sometimes spacing off. I ended up having to do 1 impromptu speech, one informative speech, an interview, a persuasive speech, and a group interview.

Thank you for your time.Transcript of Persuasive Speech Britni Cox The Benefits of Dark Chocolate Mental/Emotional Benefits Boost in brain activity leads to better memory - flavanols protect against memory loss Protected neurons allow for better recall. Sample Persuasive Speech Outline Monroe_s Motivated Sequence.

Persuasive Speech Outline--Steven Smith. Persuasive Sample Outline #3. Greek Mythology Zoology Classification Project.

About grams of dark chocolate per day keeps the blood inflammation-inducing proteins away. 4. One of the most important, yet shocking 5/5(5). Nov 19,  · My persuasive speech was all about chocolate and how it can heal your body.

There is a lot mixed feelings about chocolate and how it can help the body, but essentially dark chocolate is far better for you than milk chocolate. Persuasive Essay; The LAST Passion Blog; More flavonoids results in more antioxidant power; dark chocolate is the human body’s favorite delicious dessert.

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Second, how the chocolate is made and processed affects the health benefits it may offer. Most of the time, it’s safe to assume the chocolate on the shelf has some level of flavonoids.

Conclusion I As you can see dark chocolate can provide many health benefits from SPEECH at Glendale Community College.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate. Creamy white, silky milk, sweet, semi-sweet, bitter sweet and even unsweetened chocolate warms our hearts with joy but out of all chocolates one of the healthiest chocolates of all is dark chocolate.

Persuasive speech dark chocolate
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