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As companies ramp up understanding, they also push the envelope of what can be accomplished. In short, while cases may be used as a substitute for lectures, caselets may be used as a supplement to lectures. The Leading Question What changes when a company acts on sustainability?

With an eye for details and laser sharp Mini case studies marketing management, these case frames are intended for a meaningful and meticulous analysis of the pictures that can facilitate effective expected learning outcomes.

New free cases will be added regularly. The cases address a number of interdisciplinary subjects making them suitable for Mini case studies marketing management wide range of courses in business schools and universities.

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A comprehensive case study encourages the learner to sift through the information provided and identify the relevant facts, and then use logic and opinion to arrive at a set of decisions. Only to complement the existing pedagogical tools, case frames are meant to augment the learnings thereof.

View full list of cases The Case Centre We have partnered with a group of leading business schools to provide this collection of free cases on topical issues.

Each of the case slides, based on a theme, comprising of few slides with brief text, are followed by detailed questions that can be used to orchestrate the intended classroom discussion.

The Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard University has begun to fill this gap with a series of teaching cases and accompanying teaching notes examining principles of healthcare delivery in low-resource settings that are freely available for download and distribution.

Together, all these attributes amount to the one thing any business understands: Or, the faculty may not have sufficient familiarity with the audience, as in the case of a guest lecture.

To be sure, there are common elements in how companies try to capitalize on sustainability — reducing energy consumption, lowering carbon footprints and becoming more efficient consumers of water, less wasteful manufacturers and more thoughtful corporate citizens.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a clinical analysis of these pictures can offer insightful learnings.

The different ways in which caselets aid the learning process are described below. In such situations, comprehensive cases can be replaced with caselets to help the learner in applying the concepts gathered from the lectures.

Variations in the case method of teaching should be explored and utilized more widely if they lead to a better learning experience for the student. Facts A discussion leading to managerial decision-making is based on the interplay of facts, logic, and opinion.

Currently 10 free cases are available covering a wide variety of subject categories and topics. The session plan for a B-School course is likely to be more effective when there is a balanced mix of cases and caselets, along with other pedagogical tools.

Specificity and Timeliness A caselet helps the student to relate abstract models and theories to concrete situations and practical experience, and this makes the job of a faculty in the classroom easier. Nike began taking a deep look at its operations in the early s, after it faced a firestorm of criticism over labor practices at its Asian suppliers.

For instance, a set of three caselets on segmentation could cover three different sectors — consumer goods, industrial products, and services. Mini Case Studies Caselets, or short cases, are increasingly used as teaching aids, both in B-Schools and in executive education programs.

All the cases focus on aspects of responsible management, including social responsibility, anti-corruption and sustainability. For instance, if a faculty member intends to focus only on the finer nuances of the bidding process in e-procurement, a caselet can be quickly developed on reverse auctions in the steel industry.

View full list of cases Collarts These free cases from the Australian College of the Arts Collarts are aimed at students studying music organisations in arts management or music business programmes.

The collection, available on LearningEdge, covers a wide array of companies and organisations, industries, and geographies, and focuses on a number of business disciplines.

Due to its specificity, the faculty can lead the students to focus on narrow issues within the topic — for example, in a marketing class, the use of buzz marketing as a promotional tool. Amity Research Centers feels there is a dearth of expertise in health and medical care and that knowledge of developments and initiatives in healthcare is limited.

It makes a deliberate effort to write cases about healthcare management in various organisations and for public health policy makers. A caselet is a shorter version of a case study, generally two to three pages in length. Every Case Flyer comes with a rigorously written teaching plan.

The use of caselets is gaining popularity as a pedagogical tool in management teaching and executive education. Logic and Opinion vs. Every case study is written with specific pedagogical objectives and when this case study is used along with the suggested background material and the suggested classroom orchestration, the learnings can be quite pronouncing.

A Portfolio Approach The session plan for a B-School course is likely to be more effective when there is a balanced mix of cases and caselets.

First steps always lead to unexpected further options. This helps the learner obtain a deeper understanding of all the relevant factors in a particular problem situation as well as gain insights into the finer nuances of a topic in a particular field of management.

Printer-friendly version Free cases Welcome to our free case collections. Though it takes investment and commitment, the rewards are measured in energy cost savings, new product design, customer engagement and employee commitment.Overview of the collections of free cases available from The Case By continuing to use international business, marketing, operations information & technology, political economics and strategic management.

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View full list of cases Legatum Center case studies illuminate the thought processes of entrepreneurs, the challenges they face, and. SAMPLE CASE STUDIES – MARKETING Case Study 1 Marketing and Distribution of Mushroom Sachin and Virag are two enterprising youth.

They have passed out from IIM. Mini Case Studies. Caselets, or short cases, are increasingly used as teaching aids, both in B-Schools and in executive education programs. Being brief and focused on a specific topic, a caselet is a useful supplement to a lecture.

Case Studies: Most Recent. Access thousands of our most recent online marketing resources here. Select any of the popular topics below to narrow your search. Decisions and Mini-Cases, Online Marketing, Promotion, video Jul 20 In this video-based mini-case, you will review two in the highly successful Blendtec collection.

Latest from Marketing #MITSMRChat: Rethink Your KPIs and Target Your Customers More Effectively 5 Companies, 5 Strategies, 5 Transformations Magazine: Fall Opinion & Analysis October 01, Reading Time: Here are mini-case glimpses of Nike, Rio Tinto, GE, Better Place and Wal-Mart.

Mini case studies marketing management
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