How to write a book about a love triangle

Finally, he has lost his edge and his lead and it all comes down to that final event. I think a mixture of the two makes for a nice balance which adds depth to the story and characters.

Audiences crave character, not characterizations. Because his own dad was a racer, whose untimely death on the track left his mother devastated, and ultimately committed to an asylum. There are two Subjective Characters, and unlike their Objective relatives who represent functions, the Subjective Characters represent points of view.

It may have even little to do with physical attraction. As with most dramatic concepts, Dramatica pulls away the storytelling to take a clear look at the underlying structure. Life is full of questions and blank space that we often have to make decisions around before pushing forward. A Love Interest has both storytelling and structural components.

One of the secrets of love triangles that Dramatica points out is that they are not so much about love and attraction but about finding the right way to solve a problem. However she has already blindly accepted her fate betrothed to the one, and tries to convince herself she can love him in time.

Leave the first one for the second one. In and of itself, this aspect of character outlines how the participants line up in regard to the logistic issues of the story.

Actually, most are so predictable that you can know the ending already, just by skimming the description on the back of the book! It just sets up everyone for a lot of pain, and also, it makes me think less of the character who dithers.

In the end, though, by a twist of fate, she finally gets to chose for herself the one she loves. While letting your MC be in love with both corners at once might be dramatic, there are more subtle ways to build tension. Why this long example, to show how the conflict of the logistics of the plot occur between Joe and the Antagonist, but the emotions of the personal relationship occur between Joe and the Sidekick, Sally.

Develop what makes them tick. I know this may seem redundant and only repeating what point 1 said, but I want to make another statement on the topic because this is one thing I cannot stress enough. Both hinge on Joe, and then they split farther and farther apart to connect to the Antagonist on one and to the Obstacle Character, Sally on the other.

Not a whole lot! Up to you the author. Unfortunately the other has truly captured her heart, by that time. We like to sum up what we see and think we know exactly what will happen. The great thing about seeing the two guys as representing different philosophies or approaches is that her choice is not superficial.

For a different approach, consider Witness: Give readers a chance to love both potentials. Why does he feel like this? The Obstacle Character represents the point of view, ideology, or belief system opposite that of the Main Character.

While you might be able to pull a tale like this off fine, few good LT stories are just about romance. This will keep your plot moving as well as give your characters a chance to better figure out what they want.

These characters are the Main Character and the Obstacle Character. I find your writing inspiring and hope to be as influential and provocative as you. I try to include those crucial, missing values in my own writing. Whitney is an avid fantasy writer and blogger currently working on her debut novel, Alpha Female.

One is a reminder to her of a duty she wants to escape from, though remains an amicable acquaintance. July 11, at A piece of advice: What about their families, friends and enemies?Apr 11,  · 10 Ways To Deal with the Love Triangle in Your Book Jill Williamson is a chocolate loving, daydreaming, creator of kingdoms.

She writes weird books for teens in lots of weird genres like, fantasy (Blood of Kings trilogy), science fiction (Replication), and dystopian (The Safe Lands trilogy).Author: Go Teen Writers.

Three's Company: Writing with the Love Triangle Trope even though we’re presented to two hot love interests in the book’s opening pages, it’s crystal clear who the protagonist will pick, and these love stories are flat and uninteresting.

How to Write Love Triangles from an Omniscient Perspective

The protagonist needs to feel genuinely torn between these two love interests rather than feel. Dramatica Writing Tips. Love Interests & the Dramatic Triangle.

How to Write a Love Triangle Like Jane Austen

A lot of books about writing describe the importance of a “Love Interest.” Other books see a Love Interest as unnecessary and clich. Ahhh, the love mint-body.comnie Meyer’s favorite plot device. When you’re writing a love triangle from a first person or third person limited perspective, it’s hard to write a lot of multi-directional triangles.

Love Triangles. by Alys (Seymour CT) Question: So in my story, the love triangle is a major player in the plot to reach the turning point in the story. But my problem is, every time I try to lay it out nicely and make sense of it without giving it away too soon, it sounds like crap.

Books shelved as love-triangle: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The Selection by Kiera Cass, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, Catching Fire by Suza.

How to write a book about a love triangle
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