How to distinguish japanese from chinese writing and meanings

How to tell written Chinese, Japanese and Korean apart

Many scholars agree that the modern Japanese language is closer to classical Chinese than modern Chinese is.

Phrase structure A first difference is in the structure of phrases. How is the Korean alphabet different from Chinese? Is Japanese written with Chinese characters?

Also, unlike Chinese and Japanese, Korean has completely adopted European punctuation marks, from commas to question marks, and space-delimits words and sentences. The second difference — which in my opinion is more revealing — is in the rule of use of classifiers which is different for both langauges.

I close with an encouragement to study these two splendid languages: However, in modern Chinese there is a construct that anticipates the position of the object to the point of changing the phrase to SOV.

'Hanzi and kanji: differences in the Chinese and Japanese character sets today'

Hiragana—the curvy, feminine script—was originally used by women, but is now the main building block of the Japanese language, employed both for vocabulary and grammar.

Kanji—Chinese characters—are used for most words of Chinese and Japanese origins. Rule of use in Japanese: In both languages, titles and professions must follow the surname. The scripts When it comes to computers, the Chinese, Japanese and Korean are often grouped together under the acronym CJK, and for a reason.

There are tens and tens of classifiers that vary on the basis of the noun that they, obviously, must classify. Korean The Korean language, in midth century, transitioned to hangul—the only script in the world made by an individual, for which the theory and motives behind its creation have been fully set out and explained.

Finally, romaji—the familiar Latin script you are used to from English and other Western languages—can be found everywhere, from product packaging to company names. Chinese The Chinese language is the only to rely on this script entirely, and even then, at least two different versions are in active use across the world; traditional and simplified.

In South Korea, you can still meet hanja—Chinese characters—every once in a while, but the script is quickly becoming obsolete.

I would however like to make a point: Recap A good strategy when it comes to distinguishing the written form of South-East-Asian languages is:3) A third difference between the Japanese and Chinese use of writing systems is that while about 70 percent of overlapped use of characters share the same meanings, there are quite a few characters that may look exactly the same but convey very different meanings.

How common are kanji with different meanings in Chinese? Also, why do differences occur in the first place? Were the meanings in both. Japanese kanji with different meanings in Chinese. up vote 18 down vote favorite.


Similarities and differences between Chinese and Japanese

There is another more obvious cases of difference in Japanese kanji and Chinese kanji, and these are known as. Differences Between Chinese, Japanese and Korean What are the similarities and differences between Japanese, Chinese and Korean, and how should we go about learning them?

To what extent can learning one help you with the others? This is a comprehensive guide on how to write in Japanese.

You'll learn the origins of the different scripts and how to distinguish between them.

How to Tell the Difference Between Chinese and Japanese Writing

Japanese writing may appear just like Chinese. The first one (the so-called訓読み kun'yomi or ‘meaning reading') has an original Japanese pronunciation, and is used with one kanji on it. Mar 16,  · How to Tell Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Writing Apart. At first glance, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters may be difficult to tell apart, but there are differences between each of them that can help you%().

Are you curious to know what are the similarities and differences between two of the major Oriental languages?

Click here! Start Here! Latest Articles How to Write in Chinese; Study Chinese in China; Free HSK Test; VPN for China A frequent question asked of students of Chinese or Japanese is “what’s the difference between Chinese.

How to distinguish japanese from chinese writing and meanings
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