Hotels and the environment

Sustainability is growing increasingly important in the minds of travelers who are more conscious about the environments in which they live, work, and travel. Save Water There are so many ways hotels can save water: In addition to its food and beverage initiatives, The National participates in the Loudoun Green Business Challenge each year to collaborate on new sustainability achievements.

Follow the examples from other hotels that have implemented water-saving initiatives. For those hotels looking to do even more, consider loaning or renting bicycles to guests, or look into installing a bike-sharing station. For example, in California, hotels are responding to drought conditions by making immediate efforts to conserve more water.

Hotel Industry Environmental News

There are more than 50, hotels and hospitality properties in the U. Hotels and the environment Willard Intercontinental in Washington D. Resort team members participate in monthly beach clean-ups of nearly five miles of shoreline. Top photo courtesy of Turtle Bay Resort. In honor of Earth Day this Sunday, April 22, hotels across the United States and around the world will take steps to reduce their environmental footprints and give back to their communities.

As general manager of the resort property, Marco Tabet searches for ways to give back and uplift the local community. He also emphasizes the importance of educating guests at The Ranch and in the surrounding community on the environmental impact of their choices and ways they can support the planet in their daily lives.

Cleaning up the Shoreline: Nanuku employs an on-site Fijian marine scientist who spearheads hands-on ecological sustainability offerings for guests including planting coral nurseries, reef conservation, and Mangrove replanting.

The Environmental Impact of Hotels: The Future is Green [INFOGRAPHIC]

The hotel also has an ongoing gray-water program to reduce water usage. A hotel can reduce waste generation by making an effort to only purchase environmentally-friendly products, and purchasing locally can also reduce the impact on the environment and benefit the community.

Encourage Guests to be Green Put cards in each room asking guests to turn out the lights when they leave, or reuse towels if possible. Making water stations available to guests can discourage the use of bottled water. Not only is it a popular and well-known green initiative that will impress your guests, it can save your hotel money on landscaping since composted waste can be used as organic fertilizer.

Take Care of Your Linens We already mentioned recycling linens as a way to limit waste, but what about extending the life of those linens in the first place?

These are the sort of initiatives that can make a long term difference when put into practice. Reducing Waste One Straw at a Time: Reduce Environmental Impacts Reduce Environmental Impacts We minimize our footprint by sustainably managing our energy and water use, reducing our waste and carbon emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy.

Byrequire all contracted suppliers in the Top 10 categories to provide information on product sustainability, inclusive of social and human rights impacts Byrequire all contracted suppliers to provide this information Sustainable Sourcing: Make recycling bins readily available to guests and be sure that they are aware of your green programs.

The resort has banned single-use plastics like straws and shampoo bottles. You may also want to consider promoting other environmentally-friendly businesses to guests, such as local farm-to-table restaurants. Partnering to Protect Local Habitats: Raised beds can be installed almost anywhere, and placing benches—made from recycled materials—around a garden can make for a wonderful guest experience.

Your hotel can play a part in saving the environment, and here are some of the ways to do it:At Rosewood, we value Earth's resources and take care to demonstrate environmental sensitivity by cultivating sustainable, eco-friendly hotels and resorts.

Learn about the positive environmental impact Marriott International is making today. We're building sustainable hotels and going green across the globe. Earth Day celebrates the environment and its importance in our lives and is an opportunity for hoteliers to reflect on how their hotels impact the planet.

The industry-acclaimed guide Environmental Management for Hotels and Sustainable Hotel Siting, Design and Construction provides vital and practical advice to the industry.

This section looks at the benefits of reducing, reusing and recycling waste – both to the environment and to your bottom line. It examines the different kinds of waste. Hotel News Resource is a source and distribution point for the latest Hotel Industry Environmental News.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation (NYSE: H) today announced Hyatt hotels around the world plan. The strength of Marriott Hotels is rooted in our core values of putting people first.

Learn more about our corporate values and company culture at our official site.

Hotels and the environment
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