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People who write rounded letters are more creative and artistic while pointed letters are a sign of aggression or intelligence. This indicates that she barely adheres to the values established by her family.

It seems that deep down Priyanka is aware of the kind of impression she leaves on people. Inshe will be seen in an American action comedy, Baywatch, where her co-stars include Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron.

Illegible signatures, left, are a sign that the writer is private and hard to read. Light-handed writers tend to be empathetic and sensitive but lack vitality. Share this article Share The research carried out by the National Pen Company brought together a range of graphology studies to create its infographic.

Priyanka Chopra is adaptable According to her signature, Priyanka Chopra is an adaptable person who knows when to shoot and when to duck. That man is a lunatic. In her signature, she starts her first name with a big letter.

Donald Trump’s signature – here’s what handwriting analysis reveals about the President’s autograph

And that could definitely be construed as arrogance. If handwriting slants to the left, that person tends to keep themselves to themselves If someone writes quickly they are impatient and dislike delays or time handwriting analysis documentary films, and slower writers are more methodical and self reliant.

Short crosses tend to be written by someone who is lazy If handwriting is an average size - in that the top of the letters sit just below the centre of line - the writer is well-adjusted and adaptable.

But what about Priyanka Chopra as a person? People with small handwriting tend to be shy, studious and meticulous, whereas outgoing people who love attention will have larger handwriting. Handwriting with heavy pressure is also a sign of high energy levels, whereas light pressure is a sign of tiredness.

Connected letters mean the writer is logical. By the time the first name ends, the size is tiny. If handwriting slants to the right the person is open to new experiences and enjoy meeting new people.

If handwriting slants to the left, that person tends to keep themselves to themselves. Study finds more than 5, personality traits are linked to how we write.

But it seems this is not yet the peak for Priyanka Chopra. In a statement later, Priyanka had said: If the dot is close to the base, they are organised and empathetic.

According to her signature analysis, Priyanka is a person who will not agree to most of the things her family expects her to do. People who place heavy pressure on the pen when they write, which causes darker, thicker handwriting are good with commitment and taking things seriously.

Writing that changes dramatically over the course of a text is symbolic of lying. Inthe Bajirao Mastani actor found international fame in American TV show Quantico, where she played the role of a ravishing FBI agent and prime suspect in a terrorist attack.

She does not toe the family line. Priyanka Chopra got into an ugly tiff with a fellow passenger on board a Dubai-bound Emirates flight.

It is possible that in the past, she could have had major conflicts with her parents at various stages of her life about the choices she was making.

Is she equally impressive? Advertisement Share or comment on this article: People who write narrow loops tend to be skeptical of others and may restrict themselves from certain activities, which causes feelings of tension If the dot of a letter is situated high above the base it suggests the writer has a great imagination.

They are attention seekers as well. That is because she has this excessive need for public attention and acknowledgement.What does your handwriting say about you?

Priyanka Chopra’s signature analysis will reveal whether she is arrogant or confident

says she 'hated' getting plastic surgery but was 'tired of looking tired' as she promotes her new HBO documentary Bethenny Frankel films scenes. Film TV Music Art Theatre & Dance Comedy Indy/life Food & drink Some employers even use handwriting analysis to screen potential employees for compatibility.

Feb 26,  · Handwriting Analysis Evidence: "Document Examination" FBI Training Film 12min "Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation TRAINING FILM: FBI laboratory document section. “Wiseman’s handwriting” - the formal analysis of the film Titicut.

Follies by Petr Nuska This short response paper deals with the analysis of the documentary film. Articles under "Forensic Handwriting Analysis" describe the use of handwriting analysis techniques in legal matters criminal and civil. “Handwriting is a complex motor skill that is the combination of sensory, neurological, and physiological impulses.

FBI Forensic Handwriting Analysis Training Film. Donald Trump’s signature – here’s what handwriting analysis reveals about the President’s autograph. The US President was pictured holding an agreement bearing his and North Korean leader.

Handwriting analysis documentary films
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