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I brought together a group of five musicians to form a unique multi-cultural rock band. I plan to have many much larger-scale achievements in the future, but this moment of local fame will forever hold a special place in my heart.

I had ten minutes to process the situation, devise a plan, assign tasks, communicate status to superiors, and make life-and-death decisions. We recorded a five-song demo album.

A history of failed collaborations by senior marketing managers made my managers reluctant to approve the plan of a junior engineer like me.

The final competition took place during a live broadcast on the local radio. Everyone finally agreed, and I went to lead the collaboration in December Validating My Vision Leading a software development team to overcome obstacles and build a floral service website is an accomplishment that confirmed that creating state-of-the-art consumer products was what I wanted to do with my life.

I received notice that a platoon of 50 soldiers was under heavy attack, and my squad had to save them. I was always the first one in the lab and never the first to leave.

I had a plan, and I knew I had to lead by example to motivate the group. After a month of work on our final computer science project at the University, we discovered we were going in the wrong direction.

Planning a mission to save so many lives during wartime made this experience the most substantial in my military service. I felt the full weight of the situation only after all soldiers were safe and able to return home to their families.

I constantly improved my own task, the graphical user interface, demonstrating that I required the same commitment from myself I asked of them. Bullets sailing overhead, my mind was completely focused on leading my brave men and saving the trapped soldiers.

We were thrilled when we got the news that out of competing bands, Koridon was one of 5 that made it to the finals! The following essay was submitted to the Harvard MBA program by our client.

Each time we met, I focused on one of the guys with a smile on his face and leveraged the opportunity by making him an ally to help me get the others motivated. We got a perfect score, but I received something even more substantial: I have always had a burning desire to create music.

Koridon won First Prize! I would be singer and lead guitar. That the partnership benefited both people and products makes it my most substantial contribution in a professional situation.

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Selected as lead developer on the Microsoft Unified Communications Sync Server project, I convinced my manager to permit me to initiate collaboration with our American counterparts and persuaded a senior colleague in Washington that working with us would benefit his product.

One day, I decided to form a band the likes of which had never been seen in my country. This accomplishment gave me international experience and exposure to senior colleagues at an early stage in my career. We were frustrated, but nothing gets me going like a challenge.

As the plan entered reality, of course, I had to make some compromises; I did get the role of lead guitar, but I learned I was a better manager than singer. Undeterred, I reached across two continents and ten Microsoft ranks and convinced a senior software architect in Redmond that working with us would develop their product while stabilizing ours.

We had exactly sixty seconds to execute the mission with complete precision. The client was accepted to the program. My team chose me to present the final project.

Tell us about your most significant accomplishment. As a squad leader for three years, I often had to get my men out of dangerous situations. I even stressed the fact that this project gave us experience with new technology that would be very beneficial in upcoming job interviews.

After a year of rehearsing we started giving concerts. Saving Lives Four years of intense training led to this moment, and I knew what to do without thinking. Koridon assembled every Friday morning for a five hour rehearsal. When I first got the assignment, I knew that working with Americans could add significant insight to our development.

Three professional musicians acted as judges, and the radio listeners voted for their favorites.Junior Achievement USA ® (JA) has recognized the staff and board of directors of Junior Achievement of Chicago with the Peak Performance Team Award.

The Peak Performance Team Award was created to recognize outstanding performance by a local Junior Achievement office team during the past fiscal year.

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Read the Official Rules. The ARINGO Process. The ARINGO Experience; More About ARINGO’s Services; The Work Process Components; Free MBA Achievement Essays | Aringo consultants are the top in the world! MBA Achievement Essay Example #1 A history of failed collaborations by senior marketing managers made my managers reluctant to approve.

Free personal experience papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned over essays for I have had the opportunity to make significant contributions to my country that offer a sense of pride and personal achievement. My current duties allow me to directly contribute to the Air Force and Joint arena on an.

Experience in junior achievement essays Opt for the junior great paper writing a single greatest achievement?

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Experience in junior achievement essays
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