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Family planning will be strictly enforced to achieve a target of zero growth. If, by some stroke of luck, I become an all- powerful person in India even for a short period, I am going to change the face of this country. I would make India strong, self.

If I Were Primeminister

I would take effective steps to check communal riots. I would eradicate terrorism from the Indian soil. Sometimes there is a desire in my mind too -If I was the Prime Minister of the country.

They evade taxes, adulterate commodities, and influence people in power with their money and bribery. If I become the Prime Minister I would work hard for the promotion of education.

Sportsmen would be caught young and given an intensive training so that they bring a fair name to the country in various international meets.

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Even after the six decades of independence one fourth of its population is destined to live a life of want and deprivation. The standards of education would be improved in every respect and there would be nothing like public schools.

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First of all, I shall try my level best to make my country a strong and self respecting nation. With this much achieved or at least the trend set, I would be happy and a person absolutely satisfied with my achievements. It is really a matter of pride to be the Prime Minister of such a vast country.

Since my early childhood I had a dream to become the Prime Minister of India. Currently caste and communal prejudices govern many decisions but I would let it sprout at any cost.

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In course of time, he forgets heaven, his real mother or home and is fully absorbed in the worldly affairs. How could we throw such riches of a great culture to the winds? More stress will be laid on practical work and vocational training.

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I know that we cannot rely on ourselves for everything. I would make education mandatory for all.Essay on if i were the prime minister of india Article shared by This is an comprehensive sample essay for Kids, School Students, College Students as well as for those who are preparing for essay competition.

Nov 27,  · Check out our top Free Essays on If I Were A Prime Minister In Kannada Language to help you write your own Essay. If I were the Prime Minister, I would put into practice all the following schemes.

In the first place, my country is very poor. Millions of people live in extreme poverty. If I were the Prime minister of Nepal The Prime minister of Nepal, a country of peace and tranquility, rules over corers of people and enjoys immense power as the defacto head of the nation compared to the president who is only a de jure or nominal head.

As a Prime Minister I would like to develop India as a strong self reliant nation. For this first of all I would like to have a check on the increasing population.

Unless it is checked, our country can not progress. Essay on “If I Become The Prime Minister of India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

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