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Ivan being a goliath who seems to love to torture and murder helpless victims serves it purpose on this island, those who wish to play the most dangerous game will play the game but those who do not will be given to Ivan for his entertainment pleasure.

Another twist of the unexpected is when Zaroff was so engrossed in the thrill of the game that he forgot about its danger.

One of the critical themes in the short story is irony, which plays a major role in the story. In the end one will see that ironic reversal was used all throughout the story with the characters as well as the plot.

The conflict was quite ironic; it changed with little to no notice on several occasions. Connell describes that there is an abandoned island off the coast of the Amazon, with a towering building petruding out of the uninhabited landscape. This quote is when Zaroff first decides to inform Rainsford that they will be playing the game.

Rainsford is a world-renowned hunter and has published a few books on hunting.

He is very distinguished by a "cultivated voice", fine clothes, the "singularly handsome"? One night while talk to a friend he falls off of the boat he is on.

The Most Dangerous Game

Rainsford is an ironic character because in the beginning of the novel, he was conversing about how animals that are being hunted have no fear and that he feels no shame about being the hunter.

Zaroff identifies the conflict as he states: This is ironic because murder occurs daily in this dark, dense jungle and it lies on the outskirts of an immense, luxurious estate.

But what if u where hunting an animal that could out think you and ultimately beat you in your own game? Zaroff being a hunter has hunted virtually everywhere and has grown tired of the game he has overcome. Also, his military attire and general ranking were deceiving as well.

There is irony in the setting, a remote jungle island, the conflict, murder verses hunting, and the characters, General Zaroff who is a crazed man-hunter and Mr. The characters were also ironic; Zaroff a seemingly respectable man doubles as a murderer. And the stake is not without value, eh?

The entire island was ironic, the way the regal house stood awkwardly over the immense jungle. There is only one animal that Zaroff knows off that can reason and it the very reason he has his own island.

He turns out to be a psychotic hunter who experiences thrill from murder. Rainsford refuses, but later changes his mind after meeting Ivan.The Most Dangerous Game study guide contains a biography of Richard Connell, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Cornell Essay - “The Most Dangerous Game”, by Richard Cornell was a story which mint-body.coml used 8 aspects of fiction to show his point of view that one who has intellect can overcome one who has intelligence or instinct.

Essay about The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell Words 3 Pages Hunting big game animals for sport was a popular pastime with the.

Writing sample of essay on a given topic "The Most Dangerous Game, by Richard Connell ". The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell - Hunting big game animals for sport was a popular pastime with the wealthy classes following World War I.

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Essay outline for the most dangerous game
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