Essay about basis of philippines value orientation

Human values are not merely private. How come some, if not many, of those who commit crimes and are guilty of corruption were from exclusive Catholic schools?

Filipino values

They were willing to risk their lives for God and people. To show the ambivalence of Filipino values, one example will suffice. A Filipino experiences family closeness and solidarity pagpapahalaga sa pamilyapoliteness use of po or hohospitality tuloy po kayogratitude utang na loob from "within", that is, subjectively and emotionally, unlike a non-Filipino observer, social scientist, or psychologist who studies Filipino values objectively from "without" or "from a distance".

The two pronounced seasons in the Philippines are the rainy months from June to October and the dry months from November to May.

For example, to a tipong-mukhang kuarta [an avaricious look] profit is more important than service; to a tipong-politiko [political type], pera [money], propaganda, politika [politics] are more valuable than honesty; tipong siyentipiko [scientist type] or tipong-artista [actor type] personify agham [science] and sining [art]; tipong madasalin [pious type] may exemplify kabanalan piety.

The roles in the structured set-up mentioned earlier cease to exist. Here our native culture is looked at just from the religious point of view.

Gorospe was quite naive about the kind of leadership our homeland needs then and now. He is admonished to be good because any disgrace that he commits is a disgrace to the family. This trait shows poor signs of patriotism, loyalty to community, and concern for the needs of others.

An example of a foreign or exogenous influence is bureaucracy exhibited in the government of the Philippines. Religious responsibility, for example, is familial rather than church-centered. Filipino values have both positive and negative aspects depending on the context in which they are found.

Fourthly, we can speak of Filipino values in the sense that the historical consciousness of values has evolved among our people. The Philippines has for its languages Pilipino, English and Spanish; it has 87 different major dialects.

Joy and humor[ edit ] This famous trait is the ability of Filipinos to find humour in everything. The interests of the individual in Philippine society are secondary to those of the family.

Equality with men is a birthright of the Filipino women.

There is an objective difference between value and disvalue, pleasure and pain, life and death, poverty and affluence, heroism and cowardice, truth and error, right and wrong, holiness and sinfulness. Philippines is the first democratic country in Asia. At times, they sacrifice their own comfort to accommodate their guests very well.

We must also distinguish between Filipino actual and normative behaviour between what is and what ought to be. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual; the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.

English is widely spoken; in fact, this country is the third largest English-speaking nation in the world. Ethical and Normative Behavior of Filipinos: Horacio de la Costa, S. Its contents are communication and health while its structure is composed of the various media, professional organizations, medicine, hospitals and laboratories.The Republic of The Philippines has a GDP per capita of only US$2, () and a population size of 93,, of which, % of the population live under the poverty line.

Accounting for 20% of the gross national product, agriculture is the main source of livelihood for its inhabitants.

Filipino Values Essay Sample

Values: Philippine Culture and Filipino Essay. B. Pages:7 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay The Filipino cultural orientation is supported by shared values which function as the basis of shared behavior common to most Filipinos.

There are three main imperatives that underlie Filipino value orientation: relational. The Philippines essays The Philippines can be seen as an abboration in relation to other Asian countries. Early on in its history it was subject to colonial rule by the Spanish.

The Spanish introduced Spanish culture and Roman Catholicism to the Philippines. The period of long colonial rule also. PHILIPPINE VALUES 2. what is desirable or undesirable. 3. The Basis of Philippine Value Orientation Our values have been derived from the racial strains and cultural elements that are Aeta, Indonesian, Malayan, Hindu, and Chinese, which form the foundations of the core of our moral conscience and cultural identity as well as cultural.

The Philippines is an island nation located in the Malay Archipelago in Southeast Asia. It has islands. And has a total area of square kilometers. From the sky above, Philippines looks like a pearl shining from the great vast sea, proclaiming its beauty and luxury but from the sky to the land, my land is more than the Pearl of the Orient Seas (Cruz, I., ) for it is a sea full of pearls/5(4).

Essay about basis of philippines value orientation
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