Critical thinking in homeland security1 essay

Insight Assessment,1— Sample Thesis Paper Homeland security in the United States is the security and protection of the safety of the United States from terrorism. It also incorporates the assurance of the minimization of the after-effects of a terrorist attack on the United States.

This is because of the fact that the second phase in the disaster impact process is the incidence of the actual event itself. Problems that affect the scientific and academic communities include replicability, the hesitance of journals to publish studies which do not find positive results, the question of institutional bias, the funding of studies, and groupthink.

Thesis: The Department of Homeland Security

However, it can be read to present a basic description of the subject and of related areas. Doing so allows me to judge the reliability of that source, and often can illuminate the bias that affected the Critical thinking in homeland security1 essay of the data.

Critical thinking can be enhanced by taking courses in the following subjects: Logic is dependent on evidence to reach conclusions, and statistics can be misrepresented see suggested reading.

It is the last benefit that you as a student should strive to accomplish. Other benefits of critical thinking include: The more you understand of scientific method, of logic, and of statistics, the better your critical thinking will become.

This centralized department was formed under the Homeland Security Act of Forest, What it is and why it counts. The pre-impact phase incorporates the development of planning and prevention strategies in order to avert the incidence of the second phase of the process.

The event does not have to be of any particular nature as long as it satisfies the criteria of the disruption of society. The purpose of these reactive measures is two-fold: The disaster impact process is a three-phase process that begins from the pre-impact phase Kilroy, You may have developed or will develop or read about your own methods.

Being in control of and responsible for your own learning. The third phase is the intervention phase in which reactive measures are taken.

Critical thinking, reading, and writing: Once upon a time, military intelligence evaluated information on a 2 factor scale; A-E was the range for the reliability of a source, with a score of A representing the most trusted source; was the range for the likelihood that the information was accurate, with a score of 1 indicating that the intelligence had been corroborated with another source so if you got a report that a German tank division was running amok in Chicago during WWII, you would judge that to be a 5, not a likely event.

The first method I often use to evaluate information is the A-1 matrix.

I have been told that it is not acceptable to use as an academic source. Scientific method Logic Statistics The scientific method itself is subject to bias, so beware of using any given study too much unless that data or the conclusion that you want to present has been evaluated using critical thinking of your own.

The Department of Homeland Security falls responsible for the assurance of the security of the American nation. Please order custom thesis paper, dissertationterm paperresearch paper, essaybook reportcase study from the Order Now page.

The other method I use is triangulation of data. Because Wikipedia is edited by its userbase, it is extremely subject to bias. In order to fully understand the relevance of the significance of a breach of homeland security, it is necessary to acquire an understanding of the disaster impact process.

Firstly, to minimize the consequences of the disaster, and secondly to prevent the disaster from causing additional collateral damage. Critical thinking for students learn the skills of critical assessment and effective argument.

In addition, most Wiki pages have references that can be studied. Finally, in areas of human interaction such as justice or conflict, there are usually more variables that can be accounted for, so a study that cannot fully account for all other variables may not be reliable.

References and suggested reading: This was a method used by Panamanian dictator Torrijos.The functions conducted by Homeland Security often require quick assessment and quicker decision-making and because of these requirements, critical thinking skills are imperative for those who perform these functions and fill the roles holding so much responsibility in Homeland Security.

Homeland security in the United States is the security and protection of the safety of the United States from terrorism. It also incorporates the assurance of the minimization of the after-effects of a terrorist attack on the United States. Such work demands thinking and thoughtful people.

(Grant,p. 36) The importance of critical thinking is directly linked to the ability to make sound, informed decisions.

The results of those decisions could have a major impact not just in regards to Homeland Security, but also in a person’s daily life. Discuss how that critical thinking model could be used in support of homeland security, using one historical event that might have been prevented or mitigated.

Critical Thinking for Homeland Security Written Assignment Two: Mindsets and Biases Kimberly Manning Thomas Edison State College From the moment we are born we begin to learn about the many things we see that are around us in the world.

May 01,  · My program focused on homeland security, while the courses themselves had a focus on organizational concerns. There are my papers, discussions, notes, and references. There are additional posts on the conferences and seminars I have attended.

Finally, there are some essays I have written re: criminal justice and homeland security.

Critical thinking in homeland security1 essay
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