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Later, a lecture tour took her to Great Britain. He had fought for the Union in the Civil War. She gained national attention when she started using violence.

By Septemberthere were enough dry counties to declare Missouri a dry state. By Novembershe was divorced. Nation in jail Nation in the Wichita jail, kneeling and reading the Bible Nation was jailed several times for disturbing the peace and destroying private property.

Together, they lived with their children in Warrensburg for a few years. After all, it was illegal to sell liquor in Kansas.

Carry A. Nation (1846 – 1911)

She was beaten and jailed many times. He was also a lawyer and preacher. Again alone, Nation sold little pewter hatchets to raise money and took on speaking engagements. Tell us what you need to have done now! Soon Carrie became pregnant, and it was clear that Gloyd could Carrie nation essay support her because of his excessive drinking.

Then they moved to Texas in Three maps Carrie nation essay wet and dry counties in Missouri in, and She also wanted to keep prisoners in jail and beleved that booze had caused the troubles of the inmates. Gloyd, cared for her daughter, Charlien. Soon, the bars in Medicine Lodge were closed. She believed that drunkenness was the cause of many problems in society.

Based on the writing of Xenophon, a Greek philosopher, the Union defined temperance as "moderation in all things healthful; total abstinence from all things harmful. While her husband practiced law, Carrie Nation managed a hotel in Columbia and then bought and ran one in Richmond, Texas, for ten years.

Soon, the bars in Medicine Lodge were closed. Her crusade against drinking contributed to the passing of the Eighteenth Amendment. Rather than use hymns and prayer, however, Nation threw bricks.

Nation — David Nation was a newspaper editor, a lawyer, and a minister. A Difficult Start Women caring for wounded soldiers An engraving showing women caring for soldiers wounded in the Civil War. Nation asked him to enforce the laws of the state and explained that alcohol was ruining lives and families.

Sometimes she would announce that the service was over and everyone would have to leave. In Nation believed that God told her to go to Kiowa, Kansas, and close the bars there. She collapsed while giving a lecture in Eureka Springs in January and died on June 2,at the age of David Nation was a journalist for a Warrensburg newspaper.

Again alone, Nation sold little pewter hatchets to raise money and took on speaking engagements. All her life she was comfortable with people of various races.

Carry a Nation

In Missouri, each county could decide to be wet or dry.Carrie Nation was a woman who really believed that the consumption of alcohol caused all of our nations problems. She ended up doing anything that she could to get the attention of the press, and get more people to notice her cause.

In Carrie Nation officially changed her name to “Carry,” saying it meant "“Carry A Nation for Prohibition The Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibited the production, sale, and transportation of alcohol in the United States.

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Moore Carry Amelia Moore was born November 25,to George Moore and Mary Campbell in Gerrard County, Kentucky. Carry Nation or Carrie Nation was a strong believer in doing what was best for the people of America and would try to help thought otherwise.

Nation's past was very influential what she did and why she did it. Nation got married in to Charles Gloyd, a physician.

Gloyd had a drinking problem and was a very heavy drinker.

Below is an essay on "Carrie A. Nation" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Leading Figures Assignment Part I: Initial Content Base Carry Amelia Nation was born Carrie Moore on November 25,in Garrard County, Kentucky.

Yanni Reliford HI Research paper #2 Carry A. Nation In the early nineteenth century, the temperance movement was a national force. As each decade passed the movement grew more radical. Initially calling for a moderation of alcohol, the movement changed to promote a complete prohibition of alcohol%(1).

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