Ap psychology essay outlines

You may face 4 situations in a map: This method will not fetch you full marks, but its better than a zero.

Then to any specific country in news eg: Then move onto major countries. Need in-depth reading in khullar. Have a basic idea of everything in the syllabus. Famous for highly eroded landforms Ravines. May God can help you! I think the new edition of phy.

Suggestion for world map — go from macro to micro. F i get any new island name in news paper or any place of dispute should i locate in the map?

Do all the entries in NCERT Books[6,7,8 class text book Land and people,11th and 12th class india and world] Take a series of empty maps and try to locate all physical features at on place and so on for various features.

After completion on Physical India, impose the map on political,Then economictransport etc If you dont know the info for any place try to associate with the syllabus. Made simple series is very useful, esp. That surely breaks the monotony of the examiner. This Year almost 4 difficult entries were in News.

But you can be selective while studying in-depth.

But what kind of points to be practiced and how to write info for the corresponding entry in various angles like physical,human,economic,cultural,environmental etc is one of the major challenging issue for all the serious aspirants.

I got the entry for phalgu river geo-2 correct in this fashion.

How to write Answers in Geography Mains? With almost the same points, so try to maintain an edge by introducing new diagrams or presenting your answer in a more appealing manner.

It depends on the nature of question asked. How to practices world map.

Instead of just describing the north-eastern tribes of india straightaway, i took course to the following format. Try to assosiate on map with another map For Eg: It is not absolutely necessary to take coaching, but in a highly popular subject like geo, it always helps to be a few steps ahead of the crowd which is possible if you get good guidance.

A seasonal dendritic river of Bhundelkhand and tributary of Chambal originating at foot hills of Vindhya. Only need a cursory reading. Too much of it make your paper look ugly. You neither know the place nor the description. I can give guidelines, I would be happy if it works for any of the aspirants.

Answer to above question as written by me: If in any question i have to prsent map of any state for example orissa.

Open Ended Questions Also, be careful with the open ended questions — you have to write answers with a geographical perspective in your mind. First of all map needs rigorous practice, There is no doubt in it. Pls do not leave out any topic as a whole. Notes I have never made notes from standard textbooks at any point of preparation.

Since Union Public Service Commission has been doing various experiments in map pointing to reduce its popularity mainly to reduce the impact of coaching institutes. But 4 other guesses went wrong.Topper Abhiram G. Provides all the insider details, booklist & strategy on how to prepare geography optional subject & map questions for UPSC IAS/IPS exam.

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Ap psychology essay outlines
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