An analysis of one of the most formidable dictators in history and a leader of the soviet union

In Deus ExU. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing had Duke Dermail attempt to make Relena Peacecraft into one of these when he gave the the title "Queen of the World", but she went and turned that into a truly authoritative position and ended up reforming the Rommefeller Foundation into a benevolent pacifistic state.

Inquisitionthe three individuals vying for the throne of Orlais are the sitting Empress Celene, her cousin Duke Gaspard, and the elven spymaster Briala.

Comic Books The comic book series Fables has a literal puppet emperor. Originally he was a strong, visionary leader and of course an evil fascistbut over the course of the story, he slowly withdraws from actually running the country, and though he remains an important public symbol and figurehead, leaving one of his ministers to basically assume real control of the government.

In season 4, this is subtly hinted at being the reason Fargo landed the job in the altered timeline. See also Our Presidents Are Different. The musical employs this trope to ingenious means toward the end when a full bodied actor literally emerges from the puppet as the Emperor grows out of this trope and commands the superior power.

So, in a book where New England secedes from the rest of the United States, their chosen leader answers to a foreign monarch.

In the midst of this Imperial Admiral Oxtroe realizes that the war is lost and tries to negotiate with the Rebels a compromise that keeps some of the Empire in place.

Furthermore, he has no desire to become a dictator like his late brother Joffrey. Tommen sees the destruction of the sept from his bedroom window and walks off the ledge. Warlord Yoriyoshi tries to reduce Cecilia Kurita to this. It is why he cherished his wifeas it was the ONLY thing he willingly chose with that very freedom he had.

Later, kill him so Rubinyan can just take the throne outright. I sometimes ask myself the same thing. Emperor Sarabian starts The Tamuli as one of these.

Quite common in the various Mobile Suit Gundam series. Yet despite that, the agenda is really being controlled by Blue Cosmos, and several other major anti-Coordinator lobby groups, headed first by Murata Azrael and later by his successor, Lord Djibril.

Turns out Palpatine actually was Sidious.

Puppet King

As Warden of the North, the crippled and drug addled Brandon Stark becomes this to the Three Regents Roose Bolton, William Dustin, and Rodrik Ryswellwho do their best to tarnish his image so that they can eventually take direct control. The first Mobile Suit Gundam series had this.The Puppet King trope as used in popular culture.

When the nominal leader of a nation—most commonly some form of royalty—is secretly a figurehead .

An analysis of one of the most formidable dictators in history and a leader of the soviet union
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